Monday, December 6, 2010

The last episode of the superb experience......

A ground huge enough to hold the capacity of almost ten thousands people was over crowded with people trying to get a close glimpse of the music maestro A R Rehman and watch him perform live. Djs of fever104 tried to capture this enchanting spirit of the capital city by talking to people about how excited they were to see Rehman perform live... and the responses were on the expected line... people felt that words could not express their excitement and feeling... this voice of the enthusiastic crowd was aired live through all the fever104 stations across India.
Over 20 speakers were set up in the ground to reach out to people who gathered in such stunning number. The stage was beautifully set, light effects were as good as they could be... we stood right in front of the dais while holding our breathe to see Rehman live... without having to wait for long the event started.. and went on till 11.30... Chitra Vijayshankar, Hariharan, Kailash Kher, Sadhana Sargam, Naresh Iyer (the roobaroo singer), blaaze (the rapper, Shivamani (the drummer) and Neeti Mohan (the maiya maiya singer)were the main performers who stole our hearts that evening.

We got back to the rooms discussing and analyzing the event. We were thankful to fever104 for organizing an event, so huge, and making us a part of it. I don't think anyone of us slept that night... It was not just the excitement that was the reason for this, but also our growling stomach. But none complained. The night passed...

We were ready to leave the hotel early in the morning on Sunday when i spotted Wasim Akram (Pakistan Cricketer), Shivamani, Chitra near the reception and I didn't miss the opportunity to take there autographs.... after which we left Delhi and got back to Bangalore... As usual.. college from Monday... But the excitement continued... In college, with friends and relatives... and now I share it with you after almost four years and the excitement still continues.....

The A R Rehman's Delhi concert 2008 was a great success and the whole event of about five hours reached fans of Rehman and other people who couldn't make it to the concert themselves through television. The videos of the same are available in 8 parts....

Here are the links to those videos..."> - Part 1"> - Part 2 "> - Part 3 "> - Part 4 "> - Part 5 "> - Part 6 "> - Part 7 "> - Part 8

* Spot me in one of the videos.....


  1. very entertaining and lively write-up seema. :)
    really a nice experience..keep it up. :)

  2. hey!! truly awesome experience!! lucky you!!
    btw, congrats on your blog! its really good!:)
    keep it up.!:):)

  3. hey,,, sooper exp!!!!!!! and d blogz cuming gud... :) all d best!!

  4. Wow, dat's amazing Seema. I wish I had attended the concert too. Mind-blowing!! :)